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The Reason Why Bingle Insurance Is So Cheap

A price comparison table found on Bingle’s website

Slowly as Australians look for new ways to save money, the insurance sector is also struggling with their traditional business sales. New innovative ways had to be introduced to keep up with technology as well as the cost customers are willing to pay.

Many people have wondered why Bingle is such a cheap insurer and the reason to why they are so popular. First of all, they are owned by Suncorp. For those that have a bit of knowledge behind Suncorp, you would know that they are one of the biggest financial companies in Australia. Being able to take on them for your insurance needs can definitely give a peace of mind knowing that they will have good back up. No doubt this is one factor that has contributed to their popularity.

But the further step that Suncorp had taken is by letting Bingle be a pure online insurer. This means overhead expenses like branches, buildings, some documents and utilities can be wiped from their expenditures, leading to lower quotes to the customer. And because there is an internet website for customers to manage their own policies, there is no need to have staff process a majority of forms.

Doing a bit of research it is stated on their website that a quote starts at only $1.55 a day. This gave a price that was almost half price compared to other insurers like Coles, NRMA, Allianz and Budget Direct.

Other than that, another bonus that Bingle offers is rewarding claim-free drivers. This means for those that have not made any claims will be able to enjoy further discounts on their premiums.

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